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Oleg Beletskyi
The Chairman of the Trade Union

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Trade unions are public organizations that express, represent and defend the labor, social and economic rights and interests of their members on the basis of the Law of the Republic of Latvia "On Trade Unions", other normative acts and international documents.
Since 2012 the Latvian Trade Union of Sport and Tourism is a member of the international association professional athletes
European Elite Athletes Association
EU Athletes

Since September, 2011 Latvian Trade Union of Sport and Tourism , together with MEPs conducts work on the international law on sports in the European Parliament.

Darbības programma Jaunumi   18/


Darbības programma Jaunumi   18/

Dear Ladies and Gentleman!

  Latvian people’s desire to be integrated into the world’s community of developed countries has prompted Latvia’ s renowned sportspeople to unite in the Latvia Trade Union of Sports and Tourism (LTUST).
  It was done in order to contribute to the acceleration of the integration process. The language of sports is international, and any borders are foreign to it. At all times, sports competitions have united the interests of many countries and peoples on our planet.
  Little time has passed after Latvia has regained its independence, which accounts for the fact that this country’s first independent moves in politics and economics face certain objective difficulties leading to certain problems in the social sphere. These problems reduce people’s opportunities to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, whereas top sportspeople, coaches and talented young people are confronted with difficulties to find their way in professional sports and in top achievements sports.
  We know that Latvia has given the world quite a few qualified sportspeople, however, at present, sports in Latvia is given much less attention than required.
LTUST main goals are to unite the employees involved in the field of sports for joint actions in the country’s social, economic and political life. Pursuant to the data of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, 255,000 persons go in for sports in Latvia.
  Our trade Union has developed a programmer of joint operation with Latvia’s government institutions as well as sports trade union organizations worldwide. The implementation of this programmer will help raise the authority of sports in Latvia to the proper level, to secure protection of the social legal rights of sportspeople and send top professionals to the world’s community.
  We do respect and support your country’s political and economic principles and know that your country has always actively supported sports, therefore we hope that you will assist us in establishing direct contacts with similar sports trade unions and other sports supporting organizations in your country.